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 July 5th - July 28th

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

McGinnis Ranch

Owned By:

Sandi McGinnis-Garcia, and Sara Evett,
mentored by Howard McGinnis


17.5 acres in Watsonville, CA
about 99 miles from Homage

Started Working the Land:

In  the 60's , and went full-time in 1972 

More on the Institution:

 McGinnis Ranch is steep: it  sits on a 12% grade. The harder it rains, the less fun it is for Howard, who sometimes spends days replacing soil that has washed down the hill. But the grade allows maximum sun exposure and extends the farm's season significantly.

McGinnis Ranch lies in the Elkhorn Slough Watershed. The Elkhorn Slough is the largest tidal estuary outside of San Francisco Bay and home to many plant, animal, and bird species.

Sara states, " I think a lot of people think that it would be a thankless job, but it is not at all.
I couldn't ask for more." 

Current Seasonal Offerings:

Haricot Vert · Blue Lake Beans · Calendulas
Purple French Beans · Summer Squash
Albion Strawberries
· Sunflowers
Olallieberries · Blackberries · Dahlias
Mokum Carrots · Yellow Wax Beans