Available From

  April 3RD - April 28tH

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

Zuckerman's Farm

Owned By:

Roscoe Zuckerman


1,500 acres in Stockton, CA
about 80 miles from Homage

Started Working the Land:

In the 1920s and fell in love with the rich soil and had upwards of 15,000 acres in the area.
Roscoe Zuckerman works along with
50 full-time and 250 seasonal employees.

More on the Farm:

 When asked what he likes
most about farming, Roscoe replies,
"I like knowning that I'm doing something
that others are enjoying and
that I'm helping to feed the world."

Asparagus was first planted in California
in the 1850s in the fertile Sacramento-San
Joanquin River Delta

Current Seasonal Offerings
from the farm:

Asparagus · Melons · Potatoes