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February 5th - March 2nd

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

 Iacopi Farms

Owned By:

Louis Iacopi

Started Working the Land:

In 1962,
Louis began farming 200 acres in Half Moon Bay.
He farmed there until 1979,
when he moved the farm to its current location.
165 acres in Half Moon Bay, about 35 miles from Homage.

Additional Information
on the farm:

Upon his arrival from Italy in 1939, Louis'
father, Michael, settled in Pescadero, where he learned to farm. In 1962, Louis began his farming career with the 200 acres mentioned above.

The son of an Italian immigrant, Louis Iacopi grew up in Pescadero, and learned to farm from his father Michael. Louis in now working with his own son,  Mike, to continue the family tradition on their Half Moon Bay farm. Iacopi grows 8 to 10 varieties of beans, prized Green Globe Artichokes, sugar snap and English peas.