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March 4th - March 29th

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

Knoll Organic Farms

Owned By:

Rick and Kristine Knoll

Rick and Kristie were avid backyard gardeners in Santa Ana until 1979, when they purchased a weedy, 10-acre alfalfa field in Brentwood, CA


18 acres in Brentwood, about 50 miles from Homage

Working the Land:

Rick and Kristie Knoll, along with 1 part-time and
14 full-time employees

More on the Farm:

In Conversation: What’s your favorite fruit?

Rick says that his favorite fig variety, “Melissa” , is named after the famous Allman Brothers song about a woman who was as sweet as a fig.

The Knolls describe their farm as “an organism unto itself, with its own rhythm and personality.”

Over time, their land evolved to become an
extremely productive agro-ecosystem
that produces over 150 different products.