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November 5th - november 30th

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

Eatwell Farm

Owned By:

Lorraine Walker and her son, Cameron Ottens


105 acres in Dixon (Solano County)
70 miles from Homage

In Conversation:

“Eatwell Farm has been serving the greater Bay Area foe over 25 years, as one of the original farms at CUESA’s Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, and as one of the Bay Area’s original CSA farms (Community Supported Agriculture)

“We deliver our organic CSA shares to drop sites all around SF, the East Bay, Southern Marin and up the I-80 corridor to Sacramento. As a family farm, we feel particularly committed to our CSA community and believe that our CSA shares are much more than just a box of organic fruits and vegetables.”

“We invite members to enjoy the land and see where their food is grown for a wide variety of events on the farm, or just as place to escape life. We believe Eatwell is their farm, and we, as the farmers, are the stewards of this land.”