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December 3rd - December 31st

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

Sonoma Hills Farm

Farm Team:

Carolyn Kissick, Heather Carey Jared Rivera &
Teresa Piro


Petaluma, California Roughly 50 miles from Homage

In Conversation:

“Our vegetables and healing herbs have nurtured thousands of people through our local restaurant partners and private events hosted on our farm. Our cows and goats have inspired cheese making classes that teach our community new skills while connecting people to their food source.
Our chickens, pigs and bees are part of our family, and they offer valuable lessons and products to those that are taking time to help raise them. Our community harvest events physically bring together members of the community and create life long relationships, a basic necessity for survival.”

“The concept of “owning” land is silly, but since we  technically do own 37-acres, we continue with our promise to put every square inch of this fertile land towards building strong community”.

“With sincerest gratitude, from all of us farmers here at Sonoma Hills Farm”