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July 2nd - July 27th

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

 Lucero Organic Farms

Owned By:

Ben and Karen Lucero, Ben's son, Curtis, and Curtis' wife, Priscilla, along with 4 seasonal employees

Started Working the Land:

Since 1960s. 50 acres in Lodi and Clarksburg, about 90 miles from Homage

Additional Information
on the farm:

Ben has been an organic grower since he was a teenager, when he tended a backyard garden with his brother. He started his first organic farm in the 1960s.

In 2006, Ben's son, Curtis, retired from the Army as a Military Police Non-Commissioned Officer with over 20 years of Active Duty, and returned to work on the family farm. His wife, Priscilla, has run a licensed daycare and pre-school on the farm since 2009.

Respectful of the ecosystem in which they farm, the Luceros strive to sustain their farmland for future generations. To maintain soil fertility, they rotate crops, plant cover crops, and apply compost.