Zagat: 10 Under-the-Radar Bay Area Restaurants to Try Right Now

Dreary weekday breakfasts and lunches have dramatically brightened up for area workers thanks to this young bakery and cafe just off the FiDi’s beaten path. The small menu at lunch can range from a smoky fennel sausage meatball sandwich to a Vietnamese-inspired cold noodle salad. The focus of Homage is on relationships with locals farms (and paying homage to them). The result is a dream for FiDi workers who can walk a little further from the cubicle for a meal. Note that the recently added twilight hour is a civilized happy hour for small bites with wine and sherry and vermouth cocktails.
Must-order: Chocolate babka; trout tartine; Pork Cubano

Gayot: Top 25 Restaurants in San Francisco/Bay Area to Eat at Right Now

With the changing of the seasons, it’s time to mix things up with your dining routine. GAYOT’s picks for the Top 25 Restaurants in San Francisco/Bay Area to Eat at Right Now include breakfast spots that will improve your morning mood, craft cocktail bars and eateries inspired by destinations around the globe.

The Infatuation: The Financial District Lunch Guide

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This place has kind of a hokey premise - each month they pay homage (see what they did there?) to a Bay Area farm, bringing in most of their produce from that one grower. High-concept restaurants aren't usually our style, but Homage doesn’t scream theirs at you, so we’ll allow it. The food is interesting but still lunch-y - think: smoked trout tartine, Vietnamese cold noodle salad, and a very tasty duck bibimbap. There's free wifi, it's kind of quiet, and the space is big - it's a nice break from the office when you need it.

SF Weekly: Homage Takes the Spirit of Locavorism to New Heights

In the ever-so-slightly subterranean space formerly occupied by Galette 88 comes another endeavor that elevates lunch from a meal eaten while hunched over your iPad to an act that can heal the world. Homage is an upscale spot with wall art that matches the patterns in the floorboards and a penchant for sourcing ingredients from farms and turning them into unexpected dishes.

Eater SF: Tour Homage, the Financial District's Newest Inspired Lunch Option

Designed by G. Paoletti Design Lab (Maven, Cadence) — there are 49 seats inside, plus another 20 on the sidewalk outside. Since Homage is tucked off Kearny in an alley, the outdoor seating has a more peaceful, European feel than on the busy FiDi streets just feet away. "We command the whole alley, as there are no other businesses," Kurtz told Eater. "It’s like a retreat from busy Kearny Street."


Eater SF: Homage to Dramatically Improve FiDi Lunch Options Soon

The Financial District can be a mind-numbing area of mediocre (and overpriced) sandwiches and salads, something chef David Kurtz is hoping to change. Opening this Monday, May 2 in a cute alley off Kearny is Homage, Kurtz’s new breakfast and lunch spot that will (ahem) pay homage to local farmers by featuring a different farm every two weeks. "It's a big departure from what I'm accustomed to; my whole life has been fine dining, multiple Michelin stars and it’s always been that rat race," he told Eater. "This is taking all of those experiences, purveyors and connections and applying it to a whole new set of menus and location and focus."

Hoodline: New FiDi Eatery To Pay 'Homage' To Local Farmers

"The FiDi has some of the best clientele in the city. People who are in tune with the food world and really care about it, but I feel like their options for their daily meals in the Financial District are really lacking. There’s a big gap of quality fare that’s offered that’s both quick and delicious. The aim of Homage is to bridge that gap."