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  May 1st - June 2nd

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

Brokaw Farm

Owned By:

Hank and Ellen Brokaw


200 acres in Santa Paula and 375 acres in Soledad, roughly 125 miles from Homage

Started Working the Land:

In 67'. Currently, the two ranches collectively utilize
15 full-time employees.

More on the Farm:

 Since the quality was high and the tree gave a good yield, Hass named the variety after himself and took out a patent in 1935. That same year, he signed an agreement with Harold Brokaw, a wittier nurseryman, to grow and promote the Hass avocados.

Currently, the Brokaw Ranch Company
specializes in intensively farmed avocado,
specialty citrus, and subtropical tree-fruit production.
The Brokaws endeavor to consistently produce plentiful crops of top quality fruit while being good stewards of all resources: soil, water, and people

Current Seasonal Offerings
from the farm:

Avocados · White Guavas · Mandarins