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March 5th - March 30

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

 Four Sisters Farm

Owned By:

Robin and Nancy Gammons and daughter Jill

Started Working the Land:

in 1977, along with 3 full time employees

Additional Information
on the farm:

5 acres in Aromas, CA, about 95 miles from Homage

Robin and Nancy Gammons were both native Californians and enthusiastic home gardeners
when they met in 1970. They were married in 1975,
and, with the help of Robin's father,
were able to purchase land in Aromas.

The farm is named after their four daughters:
Lucy, Jill, Dusty, and Prema. The Gammons' approach to farming has always been organic and ecological, and they have a strong commitment to maintaining a natural, healthy ecosystem on their property.
One of their four daughters, Jill, is now following in
her parents' footsteps and has begun a
flower-growing project of her own on the farm.