Available From

 June 5th - June 30th

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…


Owned By:

Innokenty Below & William Foss


Pier 45 in San Francisco, CA

Started Working the Sea:

In 09' , and currently employing
15 people 

More on the Institution:

 TwoXSea was founded on honesty, transparency,
and very strict sustainability criteria.

"The education of consumers on the importance
of our oceans and the food we harvest from it rests
on the shoulders of we who sell and present
this precious resources."

"Complete transparency, vessel traceability,
supporting only the most sustainable fishing methods
and farming fish using a 100% vegetarian diet are
what make the TwoXSea offering so unique." 

Current Seasonal Offerings:

Rotating Daily Local Catch · Various Clams
East & West Coast Oysters
· Rainbow Trout