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 July 31st - september 1st

THis Month, We Pay HOMAGE TO…

Balakian Farms

"All Riches Come From the Earth"

Owned By:

Stella and John Balakian


20 acres located in Reedley, CA,
about 200 miles
South East from Homage

Started Working the Land:

Since 1937!

Within the Family:

Amber Balakian and her father Clarence and grandmother, Stella, along with 2 full-time and 6 seasonal employees

More on the Farm:

Balakian Farms has grown and evolved over four generation. John Balakian was born and raised
in the property.
In 1999, they began planting heirloom tomatoes
and other crops in an effort to expand their produce selection beyond only vineyards and grape production.

The Balakian are committed to the farm not just as an occupation but also as a way of life.

Current Seasonal Offerings:

Nectarines · Summer Squash
Peaches · Plumps ·  Pluots
Eggplant · Heirloom Tomatoes